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The only thing that we overlook is the ocean, and during the current COVID-19 pandemic we continue to focus on this while we create #ABetterBelair. Belair Beach Hotel has taken additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests, our team members and our community. In keeping with WHO and our local regulations, we require our visitors to ensure proper physical distancing of 2 meters or 6 feet, wear their masks in public areas, sanitize their hands after touching surfaces, wash their hands after multiple uses of hand sanitizer and of course report to our front desk if they are feeling sick. We value all who come into our space and want to make sure that they are safe while visiting the Belair Beach Hotel.

Public Areas

We have distinct markings indicating which direction our visitors should take in order to limit physical contact. We also have special indicators at key areas indicating the general flow of foot traffic and encouraging all visitors to adhere to the new safety procedures. This includes the front desk area, the pavilion area, the pool deck, the beach and the elevators.

We have spaced out our beach and pool chairs to reflect the physical distancing protocols and we are constantly wiping down our general and high touch areas. There is a hand sanitizing station at the beach hut and a towel ‘self-drop off’ has been introduced to limit contact. Beach items are sanitized prior to being used and after they have been used.

Our public phone located at the front desk is sanitized every hour. Additional wipes are located right next to the phone at the front desk in the event that the user prefers to wipe it down themself. All sanitizing procedures are recorded by the designated personnel and acknowledged by their supervisor. This includes the public bathrooms, the front desk area and the disinfecting of each floor.

Front Desk

There are clear signs that encourage physical distancing. Our front desk has also been equipped to encourage less contact by our employees when entering and leaving their work area. We stream reminders of the various protocols with visuals as a regular reminder of the importance of good hygiene. We also wipe down our individual surface after each shift and our guests’ surface after each guest leaves. Each clerk has their own designated folders and have all been trained to ensure that they follow the various cleaning procedures and health protocols. All cleaning protocols are recorded and signed off on by the clerk and their supervisor.

Our guests have the option of doing an express check in and check out which limits the interaction between the guests and our staff members. We encourage electronic payments via our Point of sales machines. We encourage only one member of the group to check in and invite additional members to utilize our pavilion area until their rooms are ready for check in. Once our guests leave, the area is cleaned again for the next group that are waiting to check in.

We also encourage voluntary temperature testing for our guests upon check in and during their stay. This can be requested at the front desk.

Key cards, safety deposit locks and towel cards are all sanitized prior to being given to our guests. Upon return key cards and towel cards will be dropped in a drop box. Check in packages are given in a pre-sanitized holder to ensure your safety. Our Bellman is equipped with a mask and gloves and our concierge now has a booth that is protected by plexi-glass. Our Bellman will not enter the elevator unless the number of occupants is less than 3 and he can adhere to the physical distancing protocols.

Our Various Offices

Our meetings are done by appointment only. Appointments can be made either through our front desk or by calling our offices directly. This allows each office enough time to sanitize the areas before & after our visitors leave. It also ensures enough physical distancing between each meeting.

Before entering our offices, we have conveniently placed a hand sanitizer dispenser for your use. One is also located upon entering the offices. We ask you to use the hand sanitizer as soon as you enter the office. We ask all visitors to wear their masks when entering the offices, however if you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you.

In our offices our employees and visitors are protected with plexiglass.

We have also enhanced our cleaning with pre-scheduled sanitizing protocols both inside our offices and on our grounds. All of our staff members have been trained and are actively involved in ensuring that our general areas are cleaned and the process if recorded by the staff member and verified by their supervisor.

Training Our Staff

Our staff have been trained on enhanced cleaning procedures, enhanced reporting protocols, and the various signs to look for in the event that someone is suspected of having COVID19.

Our staff have also all undergone voluntary COVID19 testing. This is available as needs be to our staff to ensure their safety and the safety of our guests. They have been provided with the necessary PPE’s and have been trained on when and how they should be applied. Our high-risk employees have been identified and we work very closely with them to ensure that they are safe.

There are signs that remind all staff members of the importance of paying attention to the various COVID19 symptoms and what should be done. Supervisor and departmental meetings are all held via ZOOM or with a very limited number of people to encourage physical distancing. Supervisors are also encouraged to remind their staff at every departmental meeting of the importance of adhering to the various protocols both on property and off property.

Our Rooms

We have enhanced our cleaning protocols via training and continued checks by our supervisors and third-party certified trainers. We have made note of the high contact areas such as furniture including headboards, remote controls, doorways, bathrooms, the kitchen area, refrigerator and other electronic devices, switches and closets. We have enhanced our cleaning protocols and now in addition to steam cleaning seating areas and drapes we also use our electrostatic sanitizer to ensure your safety. Our housekeepers only enter a room that is not occupied by our guests and after our houseman has disinfected the room using an electrostatic device. Our linens continue to be washed thoroughly with hot water.

Our Concessionaires

We continue to collaborate with our concessionaires and their protocols to ensure the maximum safety of our guests and visitors. We have enhanced their spaces by providing safety protocol signs, plexi-glass and signs for foot traffic. We forward training material to them and encourage them to forward the information to their staff members. Our concessionaires have been very receptive and value and understand the importance of an enhanced sanitized environment for our guests, their staff and the greater community.

St. Maarten Entry Updates

With the changing dynamics of COVID19, we invite you to follow our official government website: Here, you will be able to get information as it changes regarding the entry requirements to St. Maarten, step by step information on how to apply or upload your information to our their website, how to contact someone in the event that you have questions and video instructions regarding the insurance purchase prior to your arrival on the island. We also send updates in your “Plan and Prepare” letter via email at least one month prior to your arrival date.

We Value You

As we continue to work around our new norm, we also want to ensure that you have a great vacation with us. This for us means that you should not have to worry about your safety while staying at Belair Beach Hotel. Our dedicated staff continue to work together reviewing our protocols and enhancing them as needs be. While the situation continues to be fluid, our team will continue to work diligently to create a safe environment for you while you enjoy your well-deserved vacation with us.