What’s Happening

Winter / Spring 2013

Dear Friends,

Something is always happening at the Belair! We are continuously upgrading, maintaining, replacing, etc.

We have installed a new Air-conditioning Chiller Plant. Our old one had been acting up and needed to be replaced. We will keep the old one as a backup.

We have replaced the stove tops on the First Floor with glass cook tops. They are beautiful. We will replace the stove tops on another floor this year.

We continue to replace the ceilings in the hallway covering the evaporators (room air-conditioners). This is an ongoing project until all the ceilings in the hallways are replaced. We also continue to replace the evaporators in the units. We will be cleaning the air conditioner ducts in the apartments as well. As the units have to be vacant in order to do this, it will take us some time to do all the apartments, probably over several years.

More apartments have been retiled. Tiles in the apartments and on the porches need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

All units now have Flat Screen TVs in the living room. We have replaced the small TV’s in the bedroom with the ones from the living room. We do not want to throw out perfectly good TV’s so we will replace the bedroom TV’s as they break.

We have upgraded the Satellite TV service. More channels are now available to you.

Jim & Jody Rosen have retired from the Sales Team. We have a new one to replace them.

The St. Maarten Timeshare Association, (SMTA), has a website with several forums to share thoughts on St. Maarten. There is also a photo contest with great prizes. Go to www.timesharestmaarten.com to learn more.

Please remember that the St. Maarten Timeshare Association has contracted with SGS Travelscope for lower airfares for our Owners and your guests. Just call 1-800-919-1168, 1-718-339-2286 or fax 1-718-627-9435. Their Website is http://timesharetravelersclub.com/. The code to use is BA102. They have a lot of wonderful airfares so if you haven’t already, give them a try.

If you have any questions please contact Jennifer at 1-721-542-3362, fax: 1-721-542-6017. Please take note of our email addresses: admin@belairbeach.com for administration and reservations@belairbeach.com for reservations.


The Management & Staff